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HEY AGAIN! :D I am here to post, once again! This time its for xMackyx! I hope you all like it.
OH! I am also giving xMackyx credit~they helped me with the idea, and it would be rude not to give kudos!

With all my weight, I pushed forward, sprinting towards my destiny. One rope, one chance. I leaped off the ground like a cheetah leaping for prey. With my fingers extended, I flailed in the air grabbing at the thick rope. I grasped it, receiving probably 100 splinters in the process, and swung high into the air like a monkey on a vine in a jungle. But i wasn't in a jungle. I was in what used to be Cincinnati, the torn apart city having a population of probably only me, and plants consumed the entire city. They slipped up buildings and into cars with broken windows.
Looking down 100 feet below me a concrete road slithered down the rocky terrain, weeds and flowers fighting their way through the cracks.
I heaved myself onto the rooftop of the next skyscraper, and stand up straight, surveying the damage.
Fire ravaged most of the dilapidated city and smoke dominated the air above me.
I was wearing a ripped and burned purple shirt, and light brown cargo pants that had enough pockets to fit the world's problems in. I was also wearing black Vans, which had laces long enough to tie the world's criminals in.
"Boji." a voice whispered behind me. I turned around and glared at the person who stood before me.
"Cameron? Why are you here? Do you realize what you have done? How much pain and suffering you have caused?" I screamed at him.
Flashbacks suddenly began to appear in my mind. Breaking down the door to my burning apartment, quivering as I see my parents lie dead on the floor. Rushing into the bedroom, only to find my brother and my sister dead also. I backed up from the room slowly, tripping and falling on my butt with tears spewing like lava out of my eyes. Blood was everywhere and the crimson red was even on my pants as I got up. My jaw was shaking so furiously, I could swear it was going to shatter. I realized something was off about all these dead bodies. They all had tears of crimson lying lifelessly on the floor. The fire hadn't killed them, but someone had to have done it.
I look at Cameron, who was smiling back at me. "What? Oh, burning the whole city down? I thought that was what we both wanted, my darling."
"YOU KILLED MY FAMILY?" I clenched my fists, trying to contain my anger.
"Ohhh, that. You didn't need them anyway. HAH as a matter of fact, they were going to slow you down. Baby, at the rate were moving at, we'll be the new dictators of the United States of America in less then a week!" He raised his arms into the air, laughing hysterically.
"No. I can't. I don't think I want to be dictator anymore." I looked at the ground, contemplating what we've done. We have burned every city on the east coast, and we have almost totally taken out the FBI and the Secret Service. I did not want to become a dictator if it meant I had to kill to get there. I have killed to many people, and I deserve the death penalty myself.
"What? Baby, you can't stop now! Look at how far we have come! All we need to do is take Washington DC down and we will be home free baby! Why would you want to resist that? Hmm?" He walked casually up to me, pulling my chin up and giving me a soft kiss. "Don't you want to rule the country with me?"
I look at him in anguish, and terror. I reached into my pocket slowly, hoping he wouldn't notice. When he didn't and kept kissing me, I flashed into my pocket, grabbed the knife from within it, and stabbed his gut. Blood spewed out, and he collapsed on the ground groaning in pain.
"Baby, how could you do this to me?" He whimpered as blood spewed out of his mouth and ran down his neck.
"It is time to end this insanity. We killed people left and right along the east coast, and now that my family is dead, I realized how much agony we've put other people through." My voice was shaky, yet strong. "I am sorry, but I have to do this. It's for the best."
I ripped the knife out of him, and turned my back on him, walking away. I felt him grab my leg.
"Wait, babe! We can work things out, I promise I won't kill anymore of your family members!" He grumbled as blood sputtered out of his mouth.
I kicked his grip off my leg, and proceeded to walk away from him, dropping my knife in the process. "I'll see you at Death's gate," and with that, I left him behind me.

Well, I had a nice twist in there. (: Hahah, well I hoped you guys like it! I always love a great story idea so you can also give those to me! :D
~Rasha Hattar~


Rasha Hattar
United States

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